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Morning smiles. October 31, 2010

Cohen is such a ham in the mornings… I can get 2o perfect smiles in a row without even trying. I wish that I could remember these days with my Daughter, but I barely can. I’ve documented and taken pictures of practically everything this time… I wish I could say the same with her.

Cohen is enjoying tummy time more these days. He briefly lifts his head up while on his tummy, but mostly turns it to the side still. I had him on my chest yesterday while he was on his stomach and I put his arms kind of underneath his chest, and he pushed his chest up of my body for quite some time. He’s enjoying his toys a little more now too… not really batting at them or reaching for them just yet, but that’s on the ‘coming soon’ list, I’m sure. His eyes get wide and he studies them, learning great things from the visual stimulation.

He loves to look at light- his eyes are drawn to it. Lamps, a sunny window, light reflecting onto a ceiling, anything like that. He will even give the light a smile from time to time 🙂 He also loves to look into your eyes, or at your eye brows and hair line. The other day, I put on a light green shirt with really dark floral pattern all over, and he could barely take his eyes off it. He was mesmerized by the contrast of colors.

He’s beginning to be more vocal. Not making vowel sounds yet, but seemingly close to doing so. We’ll have little conversations throughout the day and communicate through whatever noises he chooses to share with me. He enjoys eye contact and talking. He really loves to walk around with me through the house as I explain things to him. I can just see the wonderment in his eyes and feel him learning through the sights and sounds. He also enjoys the sound of water. He can be in the worst mood, extremely tired, hungry.. just about anything.. and the sound of water (especially the bath tub) instantly calms him. With the feeding issues we have been having, when he gets fussy at my breasts and I can’t calm him, I will feed him in the bathroom and run the bath. Waste of water and quite uncomfortable, yet very effective in case of baby attitude emergency!

I don’t know if I’ve previously mentioned, but he also loves being in water. Baths, baths with mama, baths with daddy, showers, you name it. He loves them all. If he’s really fussy, a bath usually pulls him out of the mood. He loves interacting with his Sister too. She’s so great with him and they have really bonded. I am excited to see their bond grow.

Speaking of Hailey, things have been somewhat rough these days between us. She’s really beginning to challenge what we say, disagree with just about everything, and treat us like she’s the queen bee. I have to admit that with the attachment parenting style I’ve adopted for Cohen, it’s hard to apply to Hailey because so much of it thrives off of the bonding that happens in the first few years. Sadly, Haley and I did not do all of the bonding we should have and now our relationship is somewhat strained because of it. I know we’ll find a balance and we’ll find what works for us in terms of getting along and enjoying each other- it’s just going to take some work on everybody’s part.


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