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36 Questions to Ask a Potential Midwife December 9, 2010

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I came across my list of questions that I asked my Midwife at our consultation. She let me ask every single question, answered them thoroughly and did not rush me for the hour and a half we were there. I think this is all of them, but I might be missing a paper since they were not attached. Some of these questions my not apply to your specific situation. Some good questions to ask, Anyhow. Enjoy!

  1. How often will you want to see me for prenatal visits?
  2. Do all visits take place in your office?
  3. What days/times do you schedule visits?
  4. How much time is usually allowed for visits?
  5. At what point in labor do you want us to call you?
  6. At what point in labor will you head to our home?
  7. Do you have a birth ball or other equipment that you will bring?
  8. Can you tell us about the birth kit and medications you will bring to the birth?
  9. Is oxygen carried to all births?
  10. What do you consider ‘slowly progressing labor’ and how do you handle it?
  11. Under what circumstances do you recommend induction?
  12. What methods do you suggest to induce labor under those circumstances?
  13. What are your protocols for breaking the bag of waters?
  14. What do you consider prolonged pushing and how to you handle it?
  15. What is your protocol regarding fetal monitoring during labor?
  16. How do you feel about a Doula being present at the birth?
  17. What comfort measures do you encourage during labor?
  18. How do you feel about eating/drinking during labor?
  19. Are there any restrictions on photography or video-taping during labor/birth?
  20. Do you have anything against the baby being birthed into my hands, or my Husband’s hands?
  21. How hands-on are you during labor? Do you insert any past of your fingers or hands into the vagina during the active pushing stage?
  22. Do you support newborn assessments being done in my arms and after bonding?
  23. What are our options when it comes to opting out of the Vitamin K and eye ointment?
  24. Do you give a Hep B shot?
  25. Will you deliver breech?
  26. How far past the ‘due date’ will you deliver?
  27. What do you use to stop a postpartum hemorrhage?
  28. If there is a complication or emergency, are you able to accompany us to the hospital?
  29. What problems/issues will you handle on your own and what would require a transfer to the hospital?
  30. What are your infant/mother mortality rates?
  31. What is your hospital transfer rate?
  32. How do you feel about water birth?
  33. How many water births have you attended?
  34. Any water birth concerns or past complications?
  35. What is the desired schedule for follow-up care?
  36. How is the filing of the birth certificate handled?

I could probably come up with 4 more to make this post ‘40 questions to ask a potential midwife’ but I’m feelin’ a little lazy 😛

Have some questions to add? Leave it in a comment for others to see!


Baby Giggles Make Everything Better… December 1, 2010

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Some days I don’t get to shower. Some days I feel like a milk machine. Some days I cry because our breastfeeding relationship is still something to be worked on. Some days I forget deodorant or throw my hair up in a bun without brushing it. And leave it that way the whole day. But you know what? You know what makes driving down the road while shaking a rattle so your baby will stop crying for 20 minutes all worth it? Smiles. Giggles. Beautiful (blue, by the way! like Daddy!) eyes gazing with wonderment into mine. The response I get when I massage him with lotion. The conversations that we have. He has so much to tell me. I just can’t wait to hear more.

Cohen laughed at his Sister today in the car on our way to drop her off at school. She was just talking to him and loving him as usual and apparently today, it was funny. It was the longest giggle yet. Music to Mama’s ears!

Aside from lovin’ both of my honey bunches and spending time with my Husband, I’ve been working on figuring out some needed changes in my life. I know I’ve talked about goals before, but I have no idea what they were! …so typical of me 🙂 But for real. Things need to change. I feel this person inside of me that needs to emerge. I’ve changed so much over the last year… it’s pretty incredible looking back. I’m almost a different person, it seems. So a friend of mine said on Facebook that her church was talking about goals and that everyone there should set 100 goals to accomplish in the next year. Now, these don’t have to be extreme goals, just goals and things to strive for. There are many small steps leading up to big goals and those small steps can be goals too. So, I’m going to write my list. Probably tomorrow. I told myself I would be asleep an hour ago.

What else have I been up to? Stressing about money and our house. Trying to remember that no matter how much money we have or where we live, our family will always be together. We will work something out. Just not sure how things are going to go. We are waiting to hear back from the mortgage company again… The approved a forbearance for the last 4 months and we were paying half of our mortgage. Now, they want us to pay everything that we owe from not making full payments for the last 4 months in full. Um… huh? You cut our payment in half because we can’t afford it, and now you think we can magically pull money out of our asses to pay you $3,000 all at once? You’re idiots.

On a lighter note, we got rid of cable and I don’t miss it. At all. Also, I got a sewing machine for $20 off Craigslist, and it’s been sitting in my living room for a week. I have big plans- sewing my own cloth diapers, cloth wipes, blankets, curtains… Did I mention I have never used a sewing machine?

I suppose that’s all for now. Sleep calls my name ever so enticingly…


Lack of posts and things looking up! November 21, 2010

It’s been too long since I last posted. Cohen is about 2 months and a week old. Here’s a rundown of recent milestones:

  • Giggled @ 2 months, 1 day… Such a beautiful noise. Has done it once since then, very briefly.
  • Cooing and making many different noises. Having ‘conversations’ with Mama daily now.
  • Trying to roll over. Doesn’t always enjoy floor time, but when I can get him to stay there for a while without crying, he’s bringing one leg over his body, which is no doubt going to lead to rolling over!

Here’s a could pics of my perfect little baby monster these days.

All smiles for Dad this morning!

So, I started making more milk within the past week. I stopped pumping, stopped taking supplements and herbs, stopped crying and feeling bad about it, became a pro at using the SNS after much practice and whala! What do ya know. Stress had something to do with it. He went from taking 10-14 oz. to taking 6-8 oz of donor breast milk. I feel a ton better about it all. I think switching from formula to donated breast milk had a lot to do with the stress alleviation. Thank goodness for Milkshare and Eats on Feets! I feel blessed to have found such generous women to donate their milk to my baby boy.


"Wean me Gently, Mom" October 18, 2010

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I found an article on (best breastfeeding website out there!) on weaning a baby from supplements.  After calling every medical supply company to get my hands on a baby scale and calling my insurance company 5 times to get it approved as a medical need, I was finally able to pick one up. Starting tomorrow, I will be weighing Cohen before and after feedings probably once a day or so. I’m going to try not to be obsessive about it. The scale is very accurate and does the math for you. I love it.

For the first 3 days, I will decrease the formula by 1 ounce a day. So about 1/2 of the time that he takes a bottle, I will take a teaspoon out of it since 6 teaspoons are in an ounce. Then, the plan is to take another ounce away 3 days later for another 3 days. I have to monitor his weight, wet diapers, and of course his hunger cues. I definitely know his hunger cues. If at any time he’s not getting enough, I can stop decreasing, go back to a previous day when he was getting more, or take out 1/2 an ounce a day for 3 days or longer. I will need to see what works for us.  All the while, I will make sure he is on my breast at least every 2 hours. There have been times when he’s slept for 3+ hours at a time, so I may have to wake him up from time to time (which is no easy task). So, in conclusion of weaning, I took the wrong approach of ‘just take him off the formula and keep him on the breast’. I must wean him much more gently than that.

I saw another lactation consultant and after watching him nurse, checking the roof of his mouth, his tongue and his latch, and asking me a million questions, she told me that I am “a question mark”. She couldn’t tell me why I wasn’t producing more. It was disappointing to hear, but also reassuring at the same time that I guess I am doing all that I can right now. The only suggestion she had was to take a prescription medication. These prescriptions are not meant to make mothers produce more milk, but it can be a side effect. I will contemplate this when NOTHING else has worked and I’m no longer going to try to increase my supply (which hopefully won’t happen!).

On top of all of this breastfeeding stress, I got a staph infection right below my belly where by pants sit. Awesome. Using natural methods to get rid of it right now. Antibiotics are not something I don’t take lightly. I don’t even take a Tylenol unless I literally cannot function because of a migraine or some other severe pain. Even then….

And my Husband became teary-eyed tonight while talking about how distanced he feels from me. We are best friends and feeling disconnected from him is like losing a limb. I have been so wrapped up in all of this and worried about a million other things, that our relationship is lacking. We had intercourse for the first time since Cohen was born last night and it wasn’t what he had expected. I couldn’t concentrate on being sexual because a) I wasn’t 100% done bleeding. Very light, brown spotting, but still not done. b) I have a staph infection! close to my intimate region! So I was worried about keeping it covered and keeping him off of it and apparently I was subconsciously pushing him away with my hand which upset him. c) It was very dry and uncomfortable until I asked him to use lubrication. He couldn’t tell because he was wearing a condom. It just wasn’t your ideal closeness after 1 month of only doing certain other sexual acts. I had to do a lot of convincing and explaining to him so that he didn’t feel as if I was drifting away. I love him a million tons and him and I need to remember to make time for each other.

So… off to sleep I (try to) go. I’m sure it won’t last long though! 🙂


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