Naturally Mama.

From one natural mama to another…

About this natural Mama… September 21, 2010

I am a SAHM. Married to my best friend, Evan since February, 2009. I have a daughter born in 2001 (Hailey) and a son born in 2010 (Cohen). I was a Mom at 16. Grew up fast and missed out on things to be blessed by other things. My Husband has been in Hailey’s life since she was 5 years old. Our life has changed dramatically since Cohen was born- he was the perfect miracle we never even knew that we were missing.



I believe in natural living and natural parenting. Attachment parenting and close bonding. Physical contact and loving touches are so important from day one- therefore I hold or baby-wear my son often. I left my son in-tact and share the benefits of doing the same with others, as well as the dangers of not doing so which are little-known. I do not push my beliefs, I share my knowledge. I do not believe a young infant can be spoiled- I believe that infants cry to communicate needs. I co-sleep and bed-share with my son. I breastfeed. I do not vaccinate. I try to buy and prepare as many organic foods as possible. We drink water with very minimal traces of fluoride and use fluoride free dental products for our health. I look for natural remedies before anything else. I only see a doctor when absolutely necessary and the same goes for my children. Natural remedies and healing are always a priority.


I can be outspoken when I have something to say, I am strong willed, and when I believe in something, you’ll know by the passion in the words that I speak or type. I take opportunities to educate others when and where appropriate. I take the chance of offending and annoying because I might be the only person who is willing to step outside of their comfort zone to do so and you might miss out on some very important information you may otherwise never be aware of. If you don’t like it, shove it. then you an forget all about what I said. That is your right!

I hope anyone who stops by enjoys what they read as much as I enjoy writing.


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