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Life Without a Microwave: 2 Weeks and Counting December 10, 2010

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So first, I want to admit a few of things in regards to getting rid of our microwave…

  1. When I first heard that microwaves are bad for your health, I chalked it up to a bunch of nonsense. Of course, this is before I researched it. So, I ‘knew’ about the health hazards for quite some time and simply ignored them while zapping my food to eatable temperatures.
  2. I didn’t think I could do it. How could we really get rid of the microwave? What about leftovers? And… lazy tea, lazy quesadillas, lazy… everything else?
  3. I was pretty sure my family was going to resist. My Daughter and her Dad are 2 peas in a pod: they bore both always right even when they’re wrong, and they both have a tendency to resist change. I had made a lot of recent modifications and eliminations in regards to our health and natural living. Sometimes I feel as though I might overwhelm them, even though I try to slowly introduce new ideas and ways of living.

So now that those confessions are out of the way, I am happy to report that I do not miss my microwave. I can’t believe how much better things taste cooked in the oven, a toaster oven or on the stove top. Things that I would usually heat up in a microwave would come out floppy, or hard in spots, or cold in some spots, hot/warm in others… no more! Food is cooked quickly, evenly and with better flavor!

The family was surprisingly easily converted. My Husband had his reserves at first, but transitioned beautifully! (Bravo, Honey) My daughter didn’t even really think much of it, as I mentioned the upcoming change a couple of times over the course of 2 of weeks to prepare her. So when she saw we made the switch, she didn’t complain and jumped right in to learn how to use it. Such a champ.

Also, an unintended bonus: You eat less ‘convenient’ crap without a microwave. You might think this would inconvenience you and be a lot of work, but I pretty much don’t buy anything frozen these days and it’s not much more work at all. And when you pass by that freezer section, you think twice- saving you money. I actually enjoy what I eat now and feel good about it.

Have you researched the effects of microwaves on your health? Here are some of the highlights:

  • Microwaves change the molecular structure of your food into something your body cannot properly recognize and break down.
  • Microwaves severely diminish nutrients in your food. Researchers found that after heating breast milk in a microwave, over 90% of disease protecting agents were eliminated. Same type of results with other foods.
  • Microwaving food causes biological effects such as destabilized metabolism, brain circuitry destruction, hormonal imbalances and brainwave disruptions.
  • Microwaved food has been linked to cancer and tumors.

The (horrific, in my opinion) list goes on. Here are a few good places to start in your research, which I hope you will do if you haven’t already. Let me know your thoughts and it if you decide to make the switch, keep me updated. I would love to know how goes!


Tickles and One of Those Days. December 9, 2010

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I start this post on a very happy note: Cohen laughs when you tickle him. Sooooo stinking adorable! He’s ticklish on his upper arms, especially on the right side. I could have spent hours tickling that baby, but I don’t think he would have enjoyed it for that long. My little Turtle Man will be 3 months in a week!

Now onto the real reason for my post: it’s been one of those days. I’ve had a lot of self doubt lately, anxiety about the health of my baby (when he looks to be completely healthy) and regrets about parts of my life (which keep resurfacing). The self doubt I usually just push away without really thinking too much about it and then it just creeps right back up- only for me to push it away again. I guess I’m doubting that I’ll follow through with everything that I want to follow through with- because I get caught up in the moment of things and small things consume my whole being- making me irritated at the world for what the world would probably see as no good reason.

My Husband told me yesterday that sometimes he’s apprehensive to talk to me about certain things because I’ve been so irritated in general lately… and when he said that, I thought “What the hell are you talking about?” but then today, something small went wrong, which made something else go wrong with pissed me off and overwhelmed me so I stomp off to the bathroom and as I’m peeing I yell to my Husband “You’re right! I need a chill pill!” …if only I took pills just to chill.

And this is what’s been bothering me the most: I am constantly worried about Cohen’s health and development. Is he growing fast enough, gaining enough weight, meeting the right milestones, is he developmentally delayed (although I have no reason to believe so), does he have some kind of tongue tie (although I’ve been told he doesn’t… the tip of his tongue is always on the roof of his mouth however, and nobody will validate my concerns)…Why am I constantly worrying about if he’s ‘normal’? I will love him no matter WHAT. And he is what he is, there’s no changing it. I did the same thing while I was pregnant with him… excessive Mama worry. I knew it was terrible for me and for him, yet I couldn’t push it away and still can’t.

If you’ve read any of my past posts or you know me personally, you probably know the breastfeeding issues that we have. I have Insufficient Glandular Tissue, or so I’ve been told it’s more than likely what is going on since there’s no true scientific way to diagnose the condition. I cannot, for the life of me, after trying with every OUNCE of my being for 2 months straight… *Deep breath in* …make enough milk. *Deep breath out* I’m trying to come to terms with this, and the fact that I have to use donor milk to feed my son. He stopped wanting to latch to my breast when the SNS isn’t attached because apparently he now realizes what it does and how much faster the flow is with it. I’m literally (gently) forcing him to drink from my breast. He’s drinking less and less and it tears me up.

BUT… to wrap it up and keep this post from being an hour long… I have no choice but to come to terms with it. So, I’m trying. I love my son and I absolutely love breastfeeding, but our breastfeeding relationship is strained, always has been, and I hate that. Things could be worse, however. I could make no milk at all, right? Right. Also, with the insane amount of worry has come so much joy and happiness… new experiences, amounts of patience and more love than we thought we had left in us.



DIY Daily Family Memories Journal December 7, 2010

I briefly mentioned how I was going to be recording an event everyday in life life of my children. Things they say, things they do, etc. Family moments that I don’t want to forget. Just something small written each day- one sentence to a paragraph long. I made a run to Michael’s Craft Store late last night to gather supplies: $7-$8 for everything (I already had the Mod Podge).  If you have other supplies on hand, it will be even cheaper.


  • 2-4 pieces of scrapbook paper
  • Notebook
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint or foam brush
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Embellishments (optional) I used ‘pearl stickers’

Step 1- Cover back of notebook. Line paper up with outer edge. I used a clip to keep it in place.

Step 2- Trace.

Step 3- Cut.

Step 4- Mod Podge. Start at the outer edge with the Mod Podge and work your way in and onto the front cover. Be sure to press and smooth paper to ensure no bubbles form.

Step 5- Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 for the front except this time, line paper up with the spine of the notebook. Leave a little paper slack at the spine.

Step 6- Coat the entire notebook in Mod Podge. This seals it securely and it dries clear. Feel generous when applying Mod Podge, especially over seams, edges and corners.

Step 7- Get creative! This is where it gets really fun. I bought 4 scrapbook pages with the same theme and had 2 leftover after covering the notebook. I cut out details from the remaining 2 and scattered them over the notebook- using Mod Podge under and on top.



Step 8- Final touches. Add lettering, gems, pearls, etc. I covered all embellishments and stickers with Mod Podge as well, so they would stay secure.

Here is the finished product:






The impact of food on your family November 23, 2010

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I remember growing up it was common practice to eat breakfast and dinner at the dining room table together. We very rarely ate fast food more than a couple of times a year and ate at a sit-down restaurant as a family only on special occasions. My Mother would cook pretty much everything from scratch and there were always raw, cut-up vegetables on our plates. Despite having 3 kids, she always found time to make nutritious, whole meals.

Times have changed and our food is becoming tainted with more and more chemicals every day. Pesticides, fungicides, hidden MSG and genetically modified ingredients are in pretty much all processed foods nowadays. Corn syrup has taken over and sugar is rarely seen as an ingredient in sweet, processed foods. Fast food is ground up animals, bones and all, bleached, dyed and smashed into patties of chicken. Antibiotics and hormones are pumping into our cows, making our milk and our meat more dangerous than ever. I am not over exaggerating or using these disgusting descriptions to make it look worse than it really is- this is just the beginning of what our food is becoming.

So what can we do to teach our children that this is not how ‘food’ is supposed to be? Food powers our bodies and our minds to LIVE. The food and water that we consume literally give us life and the ability to think and act cognitively and rationally. How are we supposed to have the energy we need to live our life productively, and the mental agility we need to be at our best when the sources we have to fulfill those things are of little nutritional value and their integrity has been compromised by chemicals and their genes have been changed into something other than our earth creator intended? We need to show our children that corn syrup-filled cereals and ‘processed pasteurized cheese product’ are not real foods and will do nothing to help our health.

With eating fast foods and quick easy to prepare pre-packaged ‘foods’, comes spending less time with the family in the kitchen and at the table. Less time to cook together. Even if it’s here or there, dinner is also spent separated from one another either physically or mentally more often. Think: When do you have time in your day, where everyone is gathered and winding down to fill their bellies, that you can stop and just be together? Dinner is the perfect time to enjoy each other’s company and connect what was not connected throughout the day. Dinner does not only need to be nutritious, whole foods. Dinner needs to be a connection with your family members that might not otherwise take place.

We need to continue to teach our children to cook nutritious meals with fresh organic produce and ingredients. We cannot sit back as our parents might have done with us- things were much different even just 10-15 years ago. Our parents didn’t have to warn us to choose our foods carefully and be sure to eat organically whenever possible. Our foods were healthier on top of us being oblivious to some of the now-known dangers. We need to teach our children what some of society doesn’t know about and most of society doesn’t seem to care about when it comes to food. We need to protect our food supply by speaking up when changes need to be made and demanding organic, sustainable and healthy foods. We must be conscious of what we consume. Not only can it have negative health impacts in so many ways, if we don’t do these things, it can have lasting and even permanent effects on our health and well-being.

The words you are what you eat were never more important as now. We need to instill health and wholesome foods in our children and they will do the same for theirs. We can change the food industry and our health one plate at a time.


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