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Menu Planning Monday: Frugal Vegetarianism (One Day Late!) December 7, 2010

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I’m recently a second time around vegetarian and this time, vegetarianism is here to stay. I’m also not the best cook and very impatient when it comes to cooking (I’m working on this). I scour the Internet for cheap and easy vegetarian meals every week and it takes a lot of time! So I figured “Why not share what I come up with? Someone will find these useful.”

I hope I’m right 🙂

*I use almost all organic ingredients.

Monday: Yesterday, we had Spaghetti with whole wheat noodles, tomato and basil sauce (pre-made in a jar), whole wheat bread with butter and garlic seasoning, and steamed broccoli. I cut up fresh organic broccoli and freeze it in a large ziploc bag to have on-hand.

Tuesday: Veggie Burritos.

Wednesday: Parsley Fingerling Potatoes and Pasta E Fagoli with corn.

Thursday: Vegetarian Chili (my own recipe) and Golden Sweet Cornbread.

Friday: Pizza. The bad-for-you-kind.

Saturday: No-crust Quiche and French Bread, buttered and baked in the oven.

Sunday: Rice and Black Beans and Quinoa Salad (this recipe says red, but I’m using regular).

I would love feedback if this is something anyone can use. Feel free to leave me a comment!


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