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I am Woman. Watch me Lactate. January 26, 2011

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I make milk. My body brews a concoction that can prevent and cure sickness, heal wounds, and nourish a tiny body until it grows 2 feet tall with nothing more needed for a good year or more sometimes. I can look at my child one day and say “I did that. He grew because of me.” What is so “gross” and taboo about seeing such a miraculous act performed?

I don’t want to get into how breastfeeding is best, Facebook disrespects women’s rights by banning breastfeeding support pages/pictures or make formula feeders feel shamed (because I formula-fed my first child before coming to know what I know now and choosing differently for our family). These have been discussed many times over recently (and with good reason!) so there’s not much to add. What I do want to get into is this:

What is so wrong about feeding my child when my child is hungry?

It’s a simple question, but one that is often answered with invalid, unthoughtful and immature responses. I don’t scoff at formula feeders. I don’t stare at something I’m offended at (for no good reason) and make someone feel uncomfortable for it. I applaud Mothers who do the best for their children. I stand behind and support Mothers who take the time and energy to do something selfless and wonderful for their babies. Why would anybody want to do the opposite?

What have you done lately to support a breastfeeding Mother?


3 Responses to “I am Woman. Watch me Lactate.”

  1. alis Says:

    I am a female looking for a lactating woman to allow me to sucke her breasts. I’ve had no luck seeking out anyone…too embarrassed to ask. Do you think this abnormal? ‘Im a retired nurse…live in the Bronx. NY. I am very serious about this need. Discretion, please.

  2. FRED Says:


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