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Organic and Natural DIY: From Dog Shampoo to Mascara December 14, 2010

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I’ve compiled a list of some of some natural & organic DIY recipes. I haven’t tried most of them, but I plan to try almost all of them. Check ’em out- there are some great ideas!


“Shampoo and Conditioner” (no ‘poo)

Organic Facial

Face Wash- Oil Cleansing Method

Green Tea Facial Wash and Toner

Body Cream, Mineral Blush, Lip Balm and Face Mask

Natural Chapstick

Mineral Eyeshadow

Natural/Organic Mascara

Mineral Foundation



Organic Dog Food (that’s easy to make and inexpensive!)

Organic Squash Dog Cookies

Organic Flea Shampoo (Trying this tomorrow)

Organic Cat Food

Cat Treats


Wipes, Baby Powder, Wash and Baby Oil

Baby Wipes

Baby/Kids Mobile (Love this!)

Crinkle Tag Blanket

Diaper Changing Pad


Non-toxic Cleaning Kit

Various Types of Household Cleaners (Click through the arrows above the picture and look to the right of the page for recipes)

Wool Dryer Balls

Natural/Organic Carpet Cleaner

Organic Ant Traps

Organic Garden Pest Control

Non-toxic Air Freshener


Air Freshener

Eco-Friendly Car Wash

Have any recipes of your own to share?


5 Responses to “Organic and Natural DIY: From Dog Shampoo to Mascara”

  1. Mandy Says:

    Here in Canada, our resident green crusader scientist, Dr. David Suzuki’s web site has a ton of DIY recipes:

    Enjoy. 🙂

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