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Inconvenient Preferences and 30 goals down, 70 to go! December 3, 2010

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In the last few days, Cohen has decided that he doesn’t enjoy the car for more than a few minutes at a time unless he’s asleep. This is pretty inconvenient, as I drive Hailey 15+ minutes each way to school every weekday. There was a rattle in the car and I figured out that sometimes, if I shake and swirl it just the right way, he will be quiet and fall asleep. I’m sure I look completely ridiculous driving down the road shaking a baby rattle. It’s over-sized and bright red/purple too, so you really can’t miss it. Lets hope this phase doesn’t last long.

Today, he was having one of his usual ‘I’m so tired but I don’t wanna go to sleep and I just don’t know what to do with myself’ meltdowns. I could only console him for a couple of minutes at a time. He was sooo tired- I’m talking rubbing his sleepy red eyes on my chest and can hardly keep his eyes open tired. So, I go to Youtube and search for ‘white noise baby’ and clicked on the first video- the sound of falling rain. This was right after reading this blog post about white noise saving a Mama’s sanity. Instantly, he’s quiet. Within 20-30 seconds, he was asleep and stayed that way for around an hour. Miracle. Needless to say, I bookmarked the white noise Youtube videos and I am thinking about buying this 60 Minute white noise MP3 from Amazon.

Last but not least, an update on my 100 goals for next yer. I’ve gotten 30 listed. Still need to come up with 70 more. It’s hard! I thought to myself ‘Eh, 100 goals… I’ll just include all of the little stuff I want/need to do and I’ll be done in no time!’

WRONG. In bold and italicized.

But, they’re on their way to being posted. I’ll just procrastinate a little longer… I’m hoping to have the list done by Sunday.



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