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Growing so Fast. December 3, 2010

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It’s time to add some new milestones Cohen has met… I know I just recently did this, but it seems like he’s starting to do something new almost everyday! He’s 11 weeks old and some new milestones he’s met are:

  • For the last few weeks, he’s been producing tears! His eyes goop up from time to time, but the ducts are mostly open and producing tiny little tears.
  • For the last week or 2, he straightens his legs when you stand him up and holds his own weight. He can do this for quite some time.
  • He’s been kicking his legs and moving his arms while awake and laying on his back more and more over the last week.

  • In the last week, he’s gained control over his neck and torso. His neck has always been very strong but it’s getting stronger. When I’m holding him, he holds his torso up and away form me somewhat- supporting himself and holding himself steady. He’s no longer slumped up against me all of the time.
  • For the past 2 or 3 weeks, he’s been bringing his hands to his mouth when he’s not hungry, just to chew and suck on them.
  • As of a few days ago, he sucks on his own tongue while awake… adorable! Here’s a picture of that one:

  • Yesterday, Daddy observed him noticing his feet! Lifting his legs up and looking at them.
  • He’s been giggling more and more. He loves for his face to be lightly touched or for you to make funny noises before you kiss him.

  • His conversations are getting longer, louder and more complex. He’s using different pitches, noises and consonants.

He’s still not loving tummy time and I know he’s supposed to be getting around 30 minutes daily, but he’s been getting about half of that. It started out in 1 or 2 minute increments in the first couple of weeks and we’ve worked our way up from there. I try to roll him over to his back before he gets upset about being on his tummy to avoid him having immediate negative feelings towards tummy time.

I realized that these 2 and a half months have already flown right by… I can hardly remember when he was simply a tiny, sleeping baby. Didn’t look into my eyes, didn’t smile, didn’t talk to me yet. We get so caught up with what our kids are doing now, we tend to forget what it took them to get there. I’ve decided that I’m going to get a blank journal from Michael’s and decorate it all awesome-like. I’m going to try and write one thing a day for the next year about the happenings of our lives.


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