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How to incorporate natural living into our everyday lives November 11, 2010

When I first decided I wanted to stop putting toxins into my body and decided that I wanted my family to start eating better and living organically, my attempts failed. Why? It is human nature to want all or nothing. We decide we either want it all, or none at all. Usually, it takes some self compromise to reach a point where it’s a little of and a little without, even if it’s only temporary until we reach our true goals.

So in the beginning I decide, around a month into my pregnancy, that I don’t want to live the way I am living any longer. I don’t want the fast food, I don’t want the plastics, I don’t want the pesticides. I want organic foods, natural products and better health! There’s nothing wrong with these goals, but when I made them, I wanted them all. Right now. So, I went to Fred Meyer and perused the organic living section. I bought natural and organic household products,  organic beauty products and organic foods I had never tried. Big mistake. I spent a ton of money that day- some on products that didn’t work and some on products that I didn’t like.

Where do I start?

  1. Research. Decide what’s best for your family. Read articles and blogs about natural living and natural health. Decide what you want to change. Make a list of the changes you want to accomplish over time. This will save you time, money and hassle. Read reviews on products before you buy them.
  2. Go for it. But not for all of it! If you want to stop eating meat, start eating more raw foods and nuts, stop using chemicals in your home, start drinking fluoride free water, etc., start with something easy. Start with water. Once you no longer drink from the tap and it’s become second nature to drink filtered, start incorporating raw foods into your day/meals. Once your family becomes accustomed to raw foods, cut back on meat before finally cutting it out. You get the picture. These gradual changes make it so much easier to stick to your goals.
  3. Always strive to do better. This is not to say that you’re doing something wrong, but just having this outlook as a whole will help you live naturally easier. If you shut your mind down to new ideas once you’ve reached all of your goals, you’re living naturally and it’s a comfortable place for you, you might be missing out on some wonderful ideas and new developments. There are new discoveries all the time in regards to living organically and in a healthier environment.

What are some ways we can incorporate natural living into our everyday lives?

  • Water. Have you researched what’s in your tap water? We are all told fluoride is good for our dental health, but should we accept that statement and the fact that it’s in most of our drinking water and the more water we drink the more fluoride we ingest? This is a great place to start. We can live without food for around a couple of weeks but we can only live without water for a few days. It’s a very important component of our health and longevity!
  • Cut fast food. Period. Research the ingredients, hormones and preservatives that are in fast food. Cloned meat, fruits and veggies loaded with pesticides and cheap ground up parts that are bleached, smashed into patties of ‘meat’ and redyed/fried for your pleasure… to name a few.
  • Eat organic fruits and veggies. This is a no-compromise zone for me. After researching the pesticides used and the effects on the human body, I only purchase fresh, organic produce.
  • Drink organic milk. I’ve drastically cut down on my personal milk consumption to almost none, but when I do drink milk it’s only organic. Same goes for my family. No growth hormones for us.
  • Change a beauty product or two. There is an awesome site called Skin Deep, where you can look up beauty products that you’re using. They have ratings of toxicity on each product (a rating of zero being the best) and ingredients so you know what you’re putting into your body.
  • Switch to organic baby/children’s shampoos/care items. Johnson & Johnson and Equate (Walmart’s brand) are/were recently in litigation because they knowingly used banned chemicals in their products. Probably simply because it was a little cheaper. This is the way big, mainstream companies think.
  • Continue working on your goals. Never stop working toward the life that you want for yourself and your family!

Small and simple steps can change your life and health in ways you never thought possible. Heart disease (the number one killer in the US) can be something you never have to worry about, cancer can be prevented and defeated and diabetes can be reversed. And this is only the beginning.


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