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Which nipple is which? October 29, 2010

This might be what’s going through the mind of my 6 week old. We have a case of nipple confusion/nipple preference going on. I’ll give you a hint as to which nipple he prefers- he doesn’t prefer mine.

We have had some very trying times lately! To update about my milk supply, it’s still on the low side, but it has increased. I was really convinced it would probably never be more abundant than it was the past 6 weeks, but it seems to have gone up a bit, so that’s promising! I have been taking fenugreek and marshmallow root for about a month, but I don’t feel it really did anything for my supply. I feel the pumping did what little progress we have gotten.

On the down side, half of the time Cohen eats from my breast, he gets angry and confused. He sucks, realizes the flow isn’t as fast as the bottle, and starts kicking, scratching, and refusing my breasts. We stopped using the bottle about 48 hours ago- a few days after this started to become a noticed problem. I feed him his supplement through a SNS (supplemental nursing system) now. I will eventually have to wean him off of the SNS as well, but at least he’s only latching to my breast now, and I’m getting stimulation to make more milk while he’s eating from it, unlike the bottle. We need to continue working on our latch, however.

I’m still pumping when I can… 2 to 3 times a day. Sometimes nothing comes out, sometimes a little comes out. The stimulation is good for bringing up supply though, and every little bit I empty from my breast, I am telling my body to make that much more.

We still have the rented baby scale, and should be able to keep it for another 2 and a half months. This is good for my piece of mind. Obviously he will let me know when he’s hungry- I don’t think he could hide it if he wanted to… But I would like to know how his weight gain is going. Last week the Dr. said he was in the 10th percentile. I don’t think I will be going back to the doctor anytime soon unless there is an issue, so I will need to keep track of that myself.

When we first started weaning Cohen from formula, we took 1 tsp out of every other bottle which amounted to about an ounce a day. He’s almost down 2 ounces  day now. I hope that taking away more will not amount to him being so hungry that I can’t satisfy him. I just want this to be over and have my baby to my breast full time!


One Response to “Which nipple is which?”

  1. Diana Says:

    I know this is an old article but I am having the same problem with my almost 5 week old. How did this turn out? Were you able to breastfeed successfully?

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