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Happy one month birthday to my little man. October 15, 2010

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Seriously? It’s been a month? This is what I thought to myself when this realization came to me this morning. It’s gone by so quickly, looking back. There were some days that felt like an eternity (the hungry days before we started supplementing), but they don’t feel that way anymore when I try to imagine those days.

I type this with one finger from my left hand as Cohen eats a late night snack from my breast. I’ve actually gotten pretty proficient at one-handed, one-fingered chicken pecking 🙂 Which leads me to baby milestones! Best segue ever, right? So far, here are some milestones Cohen is meeting and when he started to meet them:

  • Periods of quiet alertness- 1 week
  • Follows objects with eyes and head- between 1 & 2 weeks
  • Makes eye contact for more than a couple of seconds- between 1 & 2 weeks
  • Makes eye contact for longer periods of time (20+ seconds)- 3 weeks
  • First meaningful smile- 3 weeks
  • Grunting, squeaking, small coos to communicate- end of 3rd week
  • Looking at you while grunting, squeaking & cooing- end of 3rd week
  • Staying awake for 3+ hours at a time- 4 weeks/1 month
  • Sleeping for 4+ hours at a time- 4 weeks/1 month

This might not seem like a lot to some, but to a Mom whose baby used to only sleep, eat and mess diapers, it’s A LOT. It not only means you baby is growing up, it means your baby is growing in a healthy, appropriate manner- which is soothing to a worry-wort Mom like me. It also means that all of the book reading, talking, kisses and play time are not in vain. Of course, I already knew that. That’s why I do it (along with loving the time I spend with my guy). But it’s good to know it again!


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